The One That Broke the Mould

I usually don’t try to show off what a great job I do on these comics, but I feel like I really need to play up my role in the creation of this strip. Here’s how it happened: Brando said something funny, Trevor wrote up a script reflecting that, and then I said, “Yeah, that’s good.” Yep. I’m earning my pay here today.

Did I mention that none of us are making any money yet? Because we aren’t.

I’m gonna make this news post abbreviated because I have a cold and I’m too sick and grumpy to be either amusing or informative. Plus, seeing as how we’re on a bit of a delayed schedule (Which isn’t my fault for once!) you’ll be getting (I hope) a fresh new comic and news post tomorrow, which will hopefully not be influenced by the dark specter of the phlegm clogging my frontal lobe. See you then!


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