You Can't Handle The Truth

Wake up, people! This shit is real!

If you follow games at all, you might have already heard of Assassin’s Creed notorious “The Truth” videos. I haven’t quite finished the game yet so the videos themselves haven’t shed much light on anything other than making me wonder just what naked people running has to do with anything. The puzzles and ramblings that lead up to the videos, however, deftly blend the insanity of our own reality with the game’s homegrown conspiracy craziness. I’ll try not to spoil anything (if it’s possible to spoil history) but if you want some interesting reading sometime, I recommend you look into Henry Ford’s Nazi connections. Hitler had a framed photo of Henry Ford in his office. Just think about that in context with Ford’s economic philosophies. Madness. How did I miss this weird little chunk of history? Thank you, videogames! For being my one true source of education.

Never Forget: ODB (aka Dirt McGirt, aka Big Baby Jesus): 1968-2004

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Trev-Shyeah, January 13th, 2010, 12:24 pm

I'd love to hear the logic behind the thought that electrocuting an elephant would somehow discredit Tesla. Also, that ODB song IS pretty awesome. Maybe I've been wrong about you and your weird Wu Tang obsession all this time.

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