God of Duty

I don’t want to blow our own collective horn, but that there is a nice looking electronic web-based internet comic strip. Big thanks to Brando for delivering above and beyond with that third panel art. Also, yesterday was his birthday! Next time you see him, thank him for not dying for another year. (Trevor’s art is great too, of course, but it’s not his birthday, so fuck that guy.)

Since we’ve got ourselves a game related strip today, I thought it might be as good a time as any to talk about Assassin’s Creed 2 some more. I finished the game the other day, and I gotta say, that’s one of the better endings I’ve seen in a game. Starting with the identity of the final assassination target, and carrying on to the extremely trippy ending (they’re keeping what in the basement?!), AC2 spends its last couple hours going deliciously batshit insane. I’ve always appreciated the mythos of this series, even while playing the disappointing original game, and it’s nice to see somebody execute a really great (and completely video game-y) storyline such as this one. Ezio is one of the most convincingly badass game characters ever, and while there’s a slight air of cashing in surrounding the comparatively quick turn-around for the Ezio based side-story game coming next year, I’m perfectly happy about the prospect of spending more time as an Old-tyme Italian Batman that kills people.

In terms of the games actually referenced in the comic, I love me some God of War, but I’ve never really gotten into Call of Duty as much as the rest of society. I’ve played most of Infinity Ward’s games, and by all accounts have really enjoyed them. That said, the series has never inspired the wild-eyed devotion it seems to inflict on my gaming peers. Even now, whenever I see somebody refer to the new game as “MW2” my brain immediately connects the abbreviation to MechWarrior 2, a game which squeezed every ounce of power from Pentium in 1995. I feel so very old.

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Trev-Shyeah, January 18th, 2010, 3:15 pm

Man, we should do a MechWarrior comic.

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