Everythinng I Need To Know, I Learned From Pop-Up Video

People really do this! People who know nothing about anything somehow know the piece of trivia presented in the strip and insist on demonstrating their meaningless knowledge. If you're one of these people, I've assembled a small collection of other music video firsts so that you'll have a more diverse array of trivia to bother your hopefully patient friends with:

The Big Money by Rush: This video features the first ever Canadian attempt at computer graphics. The video's director later went on to co-found Pixar with Geddy Lee's mullet.

Magic Word by Fucked Up: Most people attribute the whole one-take you-tube phenomenon to OK Go, but in fact, the whole thing was Fucked Up's idea. Obviously, OK Go attempted to exploit the original formula but failed to live up to Fucked Up's elaborate choreography.

Prom Queen by Lil Wayne: First song that was so bad that it resulted in the arrest of its creator. Most people think that Mr. Wayne is simply facing gun charges, but it was actually this video that prompted the public outcry for his imprisonment.

Fireflies by Owl City: First song written and recorded by an actual vagina.

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Guest, January 23rd, 2010, 3:46 pm

That vagina can sing to my pussy any day.

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