Dude, I'm so high right now.

Trevor prompted this comic in that he wanted to have an outlet to vent his rage at stoners (and by “stoners” I knew he meant to say “Doug Benson”). So verily I set to work putting angry little words in the mouth of his avatar. You’ll see more of Trevor’s spleen vented in the future, and probably as soon as Saturday.

Doug Benson is not a funny man. Not that you really have to be to have a successful career as a comedian. This has been proven time and time again by people like Larry the Cable Guy, Carlos Mencia, Dane Cook, Jay Leno, Jeff Dunham and so on and so on and so on. The thing is that Doug Benson has inserted himself into the one market that will find anything amusing if pot is mentioned enough. You don’t even really need jokes to entertain this audience. Case in point: Doug Benson named his recent tour, “The Puff Puff Pass” tour which isn’t even a joke. It’s just a thing people say. Along the same lines are stoner comedy movies like Pineapple Express, which is basically a comedy without any jokes in it. It’s essentially a movie full of things happening and people saying things. The reason it’s popular within its audience is because most of the things people say involve marijuana, and most of things they do are in the pursuit of marijuana. It’s not a terrible flick (Trevor hates it, while I just plain don’t like it) but you can only actually enjoy it to its full potential if you’ve bought into the pothead culture. No, it’s not just funnier if you’re just stoned. You also need to recognize popular signposts of stoner culture. If you have adapted the whole of your personality to reflect one little thing you happen to enjoy, then congratulations. You’re now capable of reaping entertainment from things that no reasonable person would enjoy. The only expense being that you’re no longer an interesting human being regardless of how “colorful” you are.

The end result of legalization will be more pot smokers, and fewer pot heads. Remove the signifiers of the culture and you slowly kill the culture. After Doug Benson is gone we just have to take down Dave Matthews Band and Phish and we’ll be just about set. I really do think pot should be legalized, but not just for the reasons presented in the strip. Luckily, somebody stole my soapbox so you’re spared from my political rantings for now.

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