Coming Soon, Only in Theaters

Hey! Check it out! I love you people!

That’s right, the troops were rallied and we somehow took down the towering behemoth that is Penny Arcade. I think it’s safe to say that it’s been a good week for our little operation here. Aside from the Joystiq Wrapup win, we’re also in the midst of a saga that fills me with utter joy. We have one more episode of Revenger Squadron and then we’re headed back to relative normalcy. That said, we have some big things cooking for the comic and I must say I’m more excited about this project than I’ve ever been before. Nothing is set in stone yet, but at the very least I think we’re looking at an opportunity to expand our reach a bit.

Also! If you’re one of the six people that read the news posts, you might want to stop by on Tuesday because this space will feature a “very special” entry. Probably. Unless I get lazy.

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